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Educational Tours

Tours Offered M-F by Appt.

What's Included?

Informational Greeting
Wagon Ride
Fruit Picking
​Play Corral
Fruit Themed ​Sticker


School/Group Tour Options

Strawberry -- June
-- July/August
Apple -- September-October
Pumpkin -- September/October
Combo Apple & Pumpkin
- October
** Subject to crop conditions/availability**

$8 pp for Regular Tour
$10 pp for Combo Tour

Policies & Q/A for Farm Tours? 

  • Can you give us a quick rundown on how a tour goes?
    After checking in. Your group will enjoy an introduction and learn about picking fruit on the farm. Then you will load the group on to a wagon and go for a ride through the orchards to your picking location. Picking fruit will be enjoyed by all. After picking you will return on the wagon. Your group will head to the playground area. Someone from the group will visit the bakery to pick up cider and donuts for your group. Enjoy cider and donuts together and then the group will have time to play on the farm playground.
  • What is the cost for teachers, chaperones, parents, etc. ?
    Teachers, chaperones, including parapros and teachers aides, are the same price as children. Please encourage them to participate in the all the activities with the children. Please collect your funds prior to your arrival as there will not be time to collect when you arrive.
  • Is a deposit required?
    New in 2022: After a long family debate, we have made the decision to require a $50 nonrefundable deposit due at the time of booking. We will make our best attempt to reschedule should you want to change your date or time, but we book quickly and a reschedule is not guaranteed. If Spicer's makes the decision to cancel due to inclement weather we will do our best to reschedule, if no dates are suitable, we will refund the deposit. If your group makes the decision to cancel or are a "no show" for any reason, we will not refund.
  • Does the group have a designated place for seating?
    We have 2 large covered pavilions with picnic tables. Please be considerate with your pavilion usage time as we usually have multiple field trips day to day that also require pavilion space. Groups bringing their own lunch are allotted more pavilion usage time and have to pay an additional fee of $50 or forfeit their deposit.
  • Where and when do we go to start our tour?
    There is a red "Pick Your Own" barn located East of the market. This is where we leave for the orchard tour. There is a nice large parking lot if you take the farthest entryway West, where buses and cars can park and turn around. Please arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled tour to allow time for organizing your group.
  • Is there a place where kids can wash hands after being in the play area?
    There is a portable wash basin for hand washing in the play corral. There are also hand sanitation pumps located throughout farm area. Restrooms are located outside on the north side of the market. However, you can never be too prepared. Sanitizer and wipes are always a great extra to have on the farm.
  • How should the children dress for a day at the orchard?
    During warm weather T-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes are best. During the cooler fall weather jeans, long sleeve shirts, tennis shoes, and maybe even coats will ensure a comfortable day.
  • Is there time for browsing the market during our visit?
    This depends on your schedule and your school's policy. The market is open for business during regular hours for all of our customers including your students.
  • What is the Rain Policy?
    Please call the day before or the morning of your trip if rain is in the forecast. We want you to get the most out your visit and we can advise you as to the best option in the event of rain. We will work with your group to figure out a solution that is the best for everyone.
  • What form of payment is accepted? When and How do we pay for our tour?
    For tour groups, we accept credit, cash, and corporate check. Payment is expected before your tour begins. Your tour guide (Mr. or Mrs. Spicer) will meet with you for payment at the start of your tour. You can also pay in advance over the phone. Be sure to know your final head count.
  • How does the total count for number of people work?
    Your total count includes anyone who is going on the tour including teachers. The organizer of the tour needs to have a final count when you arrive. When you are planning your trip, you need to think about whether you want to include parents or siblings in your tour. Your total needs to stay within the range you are booking for. If you If you go over your range more than five people, you will forfeit your deposit.
  • What is the largest group I can bring?
    If you want to bring a larger group, you will need to break your group down into multiple smaller groups. Having 1 large group at the same time does not allow for a high quality experience. Book your larger group into several smaller spots. Give us a call, we can help you figure out how to manage your larger group.
  • How long does the field trip last?
    Tours usually last 45 minutes to an hour depending on the number of people you have or if you choose a combo tour. Most groups spend about an hour on the playground. Plan for around 2 hours total.
  • Can we bring our group and stay all day?
    I'm sorry, but no. There are other tours that are cycling through the playground throughout the day. We don't want the playground to become overcrowded. We also find that this type of situation often leads to unsupervised children. Please, plan to stay for you allotted time. Thank you.
  • Can we stay for lunch?
    Yes, the cost is $50 for reserving the pavilion and extra staffing for cleaning.
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