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Tour Terms & Conditions

All group tours agree to the following terms and conditions for your visit.

Terms & Conditions

By reading the following terms and conditions, you agree to adhere to the rules and policies regarding farm tours. By checking the box on the bookings page, you have agreed that you have read and thoroughly understand these terms.


I understand that a $50 deposit is required to save my spot for a tour. The balance (less deposit) is due the day of the tour. If I have elected to have lunch there is an additional $50 fee. The group coordinator must collect all funds prior to arrival (you cannot have each parent/child pay individually at arrival). All attendees must pay with the exception of children 2 and under. This includes teachers, parapros, parents, sibilings, grandparents, etc. Form of payment includes: cash, check, credit card. If I am paying by check, I must include the school name, class/teacher name, grade in the memo so that Spicer's can identify my group as multiple building within a district could visit Spicer's. 

Groups with more than 40 or more than 1 class.

I understand that Spicer's will be placing approximately 40 people on a wagon. This requires me to be highly organized in planning for a trip by making sure that each group of 40 has at least 1 teacher/adult to ride the wagon and monitor the group. Ideally, I will stive to have 1 adult for every 10 children and may need more chaperones for behaviorally challenge children. I need to plan and be prepared to break my larger group up in smaller groups or remain in "class" groups. 

I understand that it's possible that Spicer's may require "class or smaller" groups to "rotate" through various segments of the tour. An example of this may be: Teacher A begins by riding the wagon to pick fruit, Teacher B begins with Donut/cider sampling: Teacher C begins with playground visit and then rotate through. Spicer will try to avoid this scenario, but it may become necessary if there is an unforeseen reason (such as a tractor breakdown) to reduce the number of people in the orchards, playground, or bakery area.


I will plan for and inform my group to be prepared for outdoor farm activities by checking the weathers and dressing appropriately for the weather. Folks should dress with close toed shoes, long pants, and with an appropriate shirt or jacket for the forecasted weather conditions. 

The weather cancellation policy is to contact Spicer's the day before to discuss the upcoming weather conditions.  We will do our best to reschedule your group, but this may not be possible if we don't have any openings that fit with your schedule. Your deposit is refundable in the case of poor weather. Poor weather is defined as raining during the time of your scheduled visit, 30% chance or higher of rain on the hourly forcast from weatherbug 24 hours in advance of your trip.

Person Count

I understand that my group count must be within the parameters defined in the title. If I go below the minimum or over the maximum, I forfeit my $50 deposit. I understand that Spicer's has to hire drivers and prepare wagons and tractors in advance of our visit based on our group number. If our group number goes above or below the range in the title, then my group has caused Spicer's additional expenses that cannot be recouped, therefore our deposit forfeiture covers these expenses. I must call 7 days in advance to adjust my numbers so that I can avoid incurring additional costs. 


If I have checked the box for staying for lunch, I understand that I must pay an additional $50 fee to hold my pavilion space and to cover the additional cleaning costs and expenses for my group. 


I understand that Spicer's can accommodate 3-4 wheelchairs on a wagon by appointment. I must let Spicer's know in advance so that they can best prepare for helping those who need additional assistance. If my group arrives with wheelchairs that have not been planned for in advance, Spicer's may have to reschedule your group as we must schedule additional staffing and plan for an accessible wagon in advance.

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